Cleaning Guinea Pigs: How to Bathe Your Guinea Pig

cleaning guinea pits


Like many other pets, your guinea pig needs to be bathed. If you’re a first-time owner or thinking about getting yourself a small pet, you might be wondering about cleaning guinea pigs, how to do it, or how often. Well, you’ve come to the right place!

Here’s a guide on how to bathe guinea pigs the right way. When done correctly, washing your guinea pig can be a much easier process that your pet will certainly thank you for. 

Why Do Guinea Pigs Need a Bath?

Like many other furry friends, guinea pigs must bathe for several reasons. Food scraps, feces, and other debris in their cage can stick to their fur, causing foul smells. Left unwashed, this can lead to bacterial growth that smells bad and puts your pet at risk of illnesses. 

If you smell an odor from your guinea pig even after bathing them, take your pet to a veterinarian for a check-up. This could be a sign of sickness, urinary tract infection, or issues with their digestive tract. 

How Often Should I Bathe My Guinea Pig?

Cleaning guinea pigs should be a sporadic occurrence throughout the year. Unlike hedgehogs that don’t clean themselves, guinea pigs can groom themselves to stay clean. You should only bathe them if they begin to smell bad. For the rest of the time, guinea pigs can remain clean and healthy under the right conditions. Too much bathing can strip their fur coats of natural moisture, leaving them with dry fur and skin. 

If your guinea pig regularly smells terrible, check for a problem with their cage. You should spot clean signs of urine and feces from their cage daily and clean the entire cell and liner once a week. Not doing this can lead to a build-up of waste and foul odors around your pet’s habitat, leading to urine and feces getting stuck in their fur. 

What Kind of Products Are Safe for Bathing Guinea Pigs?

You need the following tools and supplies when bathing your guinea pigs at home:

  • A bathtub, basin, or a sink
  • Shampoo for small animals
  • Towel
  • Comb
  • Rounded scissors

We recommend wearing an apron or old clothes for first-time owners, as some guinea pigs tend to get wriggly during this process. Ensure that the bathing supplies you use are specifically designed for guinea pigs or small animals. Human bathing products and products for larger animals can be too strong and can dry out their fur. 

How to Improve Your Guinea Pig’s Mood with a Bath

Your guinea pigs should be relaxed before you start bathing them. If you place them in water before they’ve calmed down, baths can be a very stressful experience for them. It can also be a stressful experience for yourself, as your guinea pig will try to wriggle out of the bath. 

  1. Once your guinea pig is calm, slowly place your guinea pig in your bathtub, basin, or sink with about an inch of standing water. 
  2. Using a small cup or beaker, scoop water from the bath over its body. Avoid pouring water over its ears or face. 
  3. Apply the shampoo to your pet’s body and lather. Gently scrub any areas with stubborn dirt and debris. 
  4. Rinse the guinea pig up to three times until all the shampoo washes away. 
  5. Wrap your pet in a clean towel and gently rub it dry. If you have a blowdryer, use the lowest cold setting and keep the device safe from your guinea pig. 

Give your guinea pig the best bathing experience by bathing them on a warm and sunny day, especially if you keep your guinea pig cage outdoors. Washing your guinea pigs during colder weather can make the lower temperatures unbearable for your pet. 

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Cleaning guinea pigs should be a regular task, especially if you’re regularly caring for your pet’s needs and health. If the smell persists, consult your pet’s veterinarian to spot any risk of illnesses. 

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